Be Unique!

We help you to find your unique way through yoga!

Find your unique way
through yoga!

You are not average,  you are unique and therefore your yoga practice as well has to be unique. 

Yoga is for everybody and every UNIQUE Body!!!!. It has so many benefits and to get the most out for your Unique Way on and off the mat choose your way according to your Unique needs and intentions.


Yoga helps you to build muscles, to gain strength and Flexibility and to become fitter.

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Health & Healing

Yoga is the best way to stay healthy and its proven that it helps to release pain, it boosts your Immune System and it’s very beneficial for autoimmune diseases. 
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Relaxation & Balance

Yoga helps you to discover your inner self, to relax, to become more balanced and focused and therefore to reach your goals on and off the mat.

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Yoga classes with Monika

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…and enjoy creative asana sequences, learn breathing techniques to develop body and mind awareness, and leave your mat feeling invigorated, nourished and balanced.

Be You. Be Unique. Be Yoga

Be you exactly the way you are, authentically and unapologetically you.

Be grateful for the beautiful UNIQUE being that you are and celebrate this uniqueness.

Only then will you feel that you are a part of the whole, the union between body and mind and between you and the whole universe.

Private Yoga Coaching

With my private coaching, we will work on customized sequences especially for you, tailored for your needs!

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We help you to find your UNIQUE way through Yoga