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Benefits of My Private Yoga Coaching

A perfect start for new Beginners - your yoga, your pace

Have you thought about starting with yoga for a long time but the idea of starting in a group of people made you uncomfortable? Don’t let this hold you back! Start your yoga experience on your own pace without being overwhelmed by typical class settings, struggling with keeping up or feeling uncomfortable in a group of experienced yogis. With my private yoga coaching, you will gain confidence and learn a safe and fun practice. Especially beginners need and deserve the teacher’s full attention! Let me introduce you to the world of Yoga in a beautiful, unique way and especially designed for YOU – with live online classes, live calls and access to a lot of downloadable content!

Deepen your Practice and improve faster

Although beginners can benefit from private lessons they are also very beneficial for advanced practitioners. My private yoga coaching will take your yoga practice to the next level by working exactly with where you are at the moment. Taking care on your “weaknesses” and “strengths” you will improve faster and be able to go deeper into your unique yoga journey. Group classes are often either too advanced or too easy – it’s almost impossible for a teacher to meet every single student’s needs and level.
In my private coaching you have the possibility to discuss your needs and progress during live calls. And these calls are also a great place to introduce you not only ancient yogic teachings but also to discuss techniques to improve your live-style, your diet and your mindset to be successful and the best version of your self on and off the mat!!!!

Focusing on YOUR UNIQUE personal goals

Instead of following along with the yoga instructor in a class setting, my private yoga coaching allows you to set specific goals and plans, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation. I will exclusively focus on your unique interests, concerns or goals and can especially work with your intention for your yoga practice, like relaxation, stress relieves, becoming fitter, losing weight, personal development, etc.

Asana (Posture) tutorial and deepening only for YOU

In my private yoga coaching, we can work and improve on particular asanas which you are struggling with or just want to improve them. Sometimes it happens without enough attention of a teacher that we learn and train some postures not correctly and therefore don’t get the benefit out of them or it even leads to pain or an injury. The Private Coaching allows me to inspect exactly any difficulties you might have and work with you to improve down to the smallest detail.

YOUR Yoga, YOUR style

We are not always in the same mood, don’t have the same fitness every week or day. All this depends on our daily constitution. One day we feel like we need a power yoga class and the other day we need to find our balance in a meditation or we just want to relax. If I work privately with you it allows me to address your special and unique needs and to adapt every class on how you are feeling and what you need on that specific day. 

overcoming health concerns

With most health concerns a group class can be impractical or uncomfortable. Furthermore, health concerns like for example diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease may require special alterations to your yoga practice.

When health concerns are a potential issue, it is best to have private yoga classes. We can work around the problem, avoid further complications or even work to relieve the symptoms.

Helping with autoimmune and chronic diseases.

There are numerous chronic or autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto, chron’s disease, arthritis and many others where yoga can help to relieve the symptoms. I have experienced this with my own body and have students who tell me the same: Yoga can help!!! And especially in my private coaching, I can work on a plan with you to help you to relieve the symptoms and to make you feel better.  

overcome injuries

Also with injuries a group class can be very uncomfortable or even aggravate it. A yoga instructor teaching several students at one time cannot focus on individual needs to the same extent like we can do in the private yoga coaching to ensure that the poses will not further injure or strain a particular person, relieve pain or other symptoms.

In the private yoga coaching, we can work with the injury, take especially care of it or if possible work around it and adapt every single posture accordingly.

YOUR UNIQUE customized sequences

With my private coaching, we will work on customised sequences especially for you, tailored for your needs and adapted on your body, muscles, flexibility, and focus. These sequences make it then also easier to practice at home alone. 

Developing a Plan for Personal Home Yoga

A private yoga class makes it possible to create a plan that is appropriate for practicing additionally at home. Practicing yoga at home alone can be critical until you are working together with a professional because home practice without any initial instruction can lead to accidental injuries. (Believe me, I have been there!)

Let me design a personal plan for your home yoga and you can enjoy the magic of yoga every single day – at home or wherever you are!

My online private live classes additionally with access to downloadable Yoga classes allow you to practice as often and when ever you wish to!

flexible timings

As a Mum, working full-time or just being busy with everyday life can make it often challenging to join a group class. If you choose my private yoga coaching the timings for the online classes are very flexible which makes it easier to get into a regular yoga routine. But also if you choose in-person-classes we will find the perfect time for you!

YOU choose where

The personal yoga coaching will be held online via zoom or in or in-person. 
If you choose online classes I will record the session and send it to you – You will have access to it every time, everywhere and as often as you want to!

If you choose the in-person you can either come to my Yoga space where as well in-door and out-door Yoga is possible at an idyllic place in the middle of Mallorca’s beautiful nature. 
(Classes can be recorded for you!)

OR I also offer coming to your home or any place you wish (for an additionally cost).

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